White Small Lozenge
White Medium Lozenge
White Diamond Suit
Black Small Lozenge
Black Medium Lozenge
Black Diamond Suit
White Diamond
White Medium Diamond
White Diamond With Centred Dot
White Diamond Containing Black Small Diamond
Black Small Diamond
Black Diamond
Black Medium Diamond
Black Diamond Minus White X
Black Diamond with Down Arrow
Diamond With Bottom Half Black
Diamond With Left Half Black
Diamond With Top Half Black
Diamond With Right Half Black
Diamond Shape With a Dot Inside
Black Diamond Suit (Emoji)
Small Orange Diamond
Large Orange Diamond
Small Blue Diamond
Large Blue Diamond
White Square
White Square With Rounded Corners
White Small Square
White Small Square (Emoji)
White Medium Small Square
White Medium Square
White Large Square
White Square Containing Black Small Square
White Square With Lower Left Quadrant
White Square With Lower Right Quadrant
White Square With Upper Left Quadrant
White Square With Upper Right Quadrant
White Square With Vertical Bisecting Line
Lower Right Drop-shadowed White Square
Upper Right Drop-shadowed White Square
Upper Right Shadowed White Square
Lower Right Shadowed White Square
Square With Left Half Black
Square With Right Half Black
Square With Upper Left Diagonal Half Black
Square With Lower Right Diagonal Half Black
Square With Horizontal Fill
Square With Vertical Fill
Square With Orthogonal Crosshatch Fill
Square With Upper Left To Lower Right Fill
Square With Upper Right To Lower Left Fill
Square With Diagonal Crosshatch Fill
Squared Dot Operator
Squared Minus
Squared Plus
Squared Times
White Square Button
Inverse Bullet
Inverse White Circle
Black Small Square
Black Small Square (Emoji)
Black Medium Small Square
Black Square
Black Medium Square
Black Large Square
Black Square Button
Large Yellow Square
Large Orange Square
Large Red Square
Large Purple Square
Large Blue Square
Large Green Square
Large Brown Square
Trigram for Heaven
Trigram for Wind
Trigram for Fire
Trigram for Lake
Trigram for Mountain
Trigram for Water
Trigram for Thunder
Trigram for Earth
White Vertical Rectangle
Black Vertical Rectangle
White Rectangle
White Parallelogram
Light Shade
Medium Shade
Dark Shade
Light Vertical Bar
Medium Vertical Bar
Heavy Vertical Bar
Left Half Block
Left One Eighth Block
Left One Quarter Block
Left Three Eighths Block
Left Five Eighths Block
Left Three Quarters Block
Left Seven Eighths Block
Right One Eighth Block
Right Half Block
Full Block
Upper One Eighth Block
Lower One Eighth Block
Lower One Quarter Block
Lower Three Eighths Block
Upper Half Block
Lower Half Block
Lower Five Eighths Block
Lower Seven Eighths Block
Lower Three Quarters Block

Symbolic Stability

Squares Symbols represent stability and order, making them an ideal choice for conveying concepts related to balance, structure, and reliability within content, enhancing visual communication.

Structured Elegance

The collection offers various square designs, from minimalistic to intricate, providing users with a range of options to infuse sophistication and geometric precision into their visual language.

Grid Formation

Squares contribute to the creation of grids, enabling users to organize content with precision and clarity, fostering a visually cohesive and well-structured presentation.

Modern Aesthetics

Square symbols align with contemporary design aesthetics, offering a clean and polished visual element that complements modern graphic design principles.

Universal Adaptability

Squares hold universal appeal, serving as a versatile visual language that can be employed in diverse contexts, transcending cultural boundaries and conveying clarity and order in visual communication.