White Circle
Large Circle
White Circle With Two Dots
White Circle With Dot Right
Black Circle
Black Large Circle
Black Circle With Two White Dots
Black Circle With White Dot Right
Circle With Left Half Black
Circle With Upper Half Black
Circle With Right Half Black
Circle With Lower Half Black
Circle With All but Upper Left Quadrant Black
Circle With Upper Right Quadrant Black
Left Half Black Circle
Right Half Black Circle
White Bullet
Ring Operator
Circled Triangle Down
Dotted Circle
Tibetan Symbol nor BU Nyis -Khyil
Circled Horizontal Bar With Notch
Circled Dot Operator
Circled Ring Operator
Circled Times
Multiplication Sign in Double Circle
Circled Division Sign
Circled Anticlockwise-rotated Division Sign
Circled Plus
Circled Minus
Circled Equals
Circled Greater-than
Circled Less-than
Circled Division Slash
Circled Dash
Shadowed White Circle
Partially-recycled Paper Symbol
Recycled Paper Symbol
Tape Drive
Telephone Location Sign
Broken Circle With Northwest Arrow
Circle Divided by Horizontal Bar and Top Half Divided by Vertical Bar
Circle With Vertical Fill
Circled Asterisk Operator
Circled Bullet
Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star
Circled Perpendicular
Circled Postal Mark
Clockwise Closed Circle Arrow
Empty Set
Japanese Industrial Standard Symbol
Korean Standard Symbol
Error-barred White Circle
Error-barred Black Circle
Circle With Small Circle to the Right
Circle With Two Horizontal Strokes to the Right
Up Arrow Through Circle
White Circle With Down Arrow
Heavy Large Circle
Large Yellow Circle
Large Orange Circle
Large Red Circle
Large Purple Circle
Large Blue Circle
Large Green Circle
Medium White Circle (Emoji)
Large Brown Circle
Medium Black Circle (Emoji)
New Moon Symbol
Waxing Crescent Moon Symbol
First Quarter Moon Symbol
Waxing Gibbous Moon Symbol
Full Moon Symbol
Waning Gibbous Moon Symbol
Last Quarter Moon Symbol
Waning Crescent Moon Symbol
Circled Latin Capital Letter M (Emoji)
Direct Hit
No Entry
No Entry Sign
Radio Button
Radioactive Sign
Ring Buoy
Peace Symbol
Yin Yang

Symbolic Wholeness

Circles Symbols represent unity and completeness, making them ideal for expressing concepts related to harmony, perfection, and infinite possibilities in a visually compelling manner.

Versatile Designs

The collection offers a range of circular designs, from simple to intricate, providing users with diverse options to convey different meanings, emotions, and aesthetics within their content.

Visual Harmony

Circles contribute to visual harmony, allowing users to create balanced and aesthetically pleasing designs, fostering a sense of cohesion and order within their visual communication.

Dynamic Movement

Circular symbols can convey a sense of movement and flow, making them suitable for expressing concepts related to cycles, continuity, and ongoing processes in various contexts.

Cultural Significance

Circles carry cultural and symbolic significance across diverse traditions, offering users a universal visual language that can resonate with a wide audience, transcending cultural and language barriers in visual communication.