Smiley Faces

Black Smiling Face
White Smiling Face
White Frowning Face
Postal Mark Face
Circled Katakana Tu
Katakana Letter Tu
Katakana Letter Du
Katakana Letter Small Tu
Circled Katakana Si
Katakana Letter Si
Vertical Kana Repeat With Voiced Sound Mark
Vertical Kana Repeat With Voiced Sound Mark Upper Half
Cyrillic Capital Letter Barred O With Diaeresis
Apl Functional Symbol Circle Diaeresis
Apl Functional Symbol Del Diaeresis
Apl Functional Symbol Greater-than Diaeresis
Apl Functional Symbol Jot Diaeresis
Apl Functional Symbol Star Diaeresis
Apl Functional Symbol Tilde Diaeresis
Arabic Letter Teh
Arabic Letter Teheh Isolated Form
Cyrillic Capital Letter Izhitsa With Double Grave Accent
Greek Small Letter Omega With Dasia and Varia
Greek Small Letter Omicron With Dasia and Varia
Greek Small Letter Sampi
Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Dasia and Oxia
Latin Capital Letter U With Diaeresis
Latin Small Letter U With Diaeresis
Yi Syllable Njyp
Yi Syllable KE
Yi Syllable Kex
Yi Syllable Vy
Yi Syllable Hxuop
Yi Syllable Jjop
Yi Syllable Jjuo
Yi Syllable Jjuox
Yi Syllable Nzyr
Yi Syllable Nzyrx

Versatile Smileys

Welcome to our Smiley Faces Symbol library. Here, we offer a wide variety of emojis you can use to express emotions in your digital communication. Make your messages fun and engaging with our smiley face symbols.

Easy to Use

Our Smiley Faces Symbols are incredibly easy to use. Simply click to copy the symbol and paste it wherever you want to express a certain feeling or emotion. It's as simple as a click!

Emojis for Every Mood

From happiness to sadness, surprise to confusion – we've got a smiley face for every emotion. With our wide range of smiley face symbols, you'll never be at a loss for expressing your feelings in the digital world.

Free and Accessible

Best of all – our smiley face symbols are completely free to use! Easily accessible, these emojis add a touch of personality to emails, social media posts, and online chats. Use our symbols to bring your digital communication to life.