Lines Symbol

Discover the simplicity and sophistication of Lines Symbols! Explore a variety of linear icons that convey direction, connectivity, and elegance. From straight lines to dynamic curves, these symbols add a touch of graphic simplicity to your content.


Box Drawings Light Vertical
Box Drawings Heavy Vertical
Box Drawings Double Vertical
Box Drawings Light Up and Heavy Down
Box Drawings Heavy up and Light Down
Box Drawings Heavy Double Dash Vertical
Box Drawings Light Double Dash Vertical
Box Drawings Heavy Triple Dash Vertical
Box Drawings Light Quadruple Dash Vertical
Presentation Form for Vertical Low Line
Box Drawings Heavy Quadruple Dash Vertical
Box Drawings Light Triple Dash Vertical
Box Drawings Light Up
Box Drawings Heavy Up
Box Drawings Heavy Down
Box Drawings Light Down
Presentation Form for Vertical Em Dash
Presentation Form for Vertical en Dash
Hangzhou Numeral One
Hangzhou Numeral Two
Hangzhou Numeral Three
Box Drawings Heavy Horizontal
Box Drawings Light Horizontal
Box Drawings Double Horizontal
Box Drawings Heavy Double Dash Horizontal
Box Drawings Heavy Triple Dash Horizontal
Box Drawings Heavy Quadruple Dash Horizontal
Box Drawings Light Triple Dash Horizontal
Box Drawings Light Quadruple Dash Horizontal
Box Drawings Light Double Dash Horizontal
Box Drawings Light Left
Box Drawings Light Right
Box Drawings Heavy Left
Box Drawings Heavy Right
Box Drawings Light Left and Heavy Right
Box Drawings Heavy Left and Light Right
Dashed Overline
Dashed Low Line
Centreline Overline
Centreline Low Line
CJK Unified Ideograph-4e00
CJK Unified Ideograph-4e8c
CJK Unified Ideograph-4e09
CJK Unified Ideograph-4e96
Monogram for Yang
Monogram for Yin
Digram for Greater Yang
Digram for Lesser Yin
Digram for Lesser Yang
Digram for Greater Yin
Trigram for Earth
Trigram for Fire
Trigram for Heaven
Trigram for Lake
Trigram for Mountain
Trigram for Thunder
Trigram for Water
Trigram for Wind
Hexagram for Abundance
Hexagram for After Completion
Hexagram for Approach
Hexagram for Before Completion
Hexagram for Biting Through
Hexagram for Breakthrough
Hexagram for Coming To Meet
Hexagram for Conflict
Hexagram for Contemplation
Hexagram for Darkening of the Light
Hexagram for Decrease
Hexagram for Deliverance
Hexagram for Development
Hexagram for Difficulty at the Beginning
Hexagram for Dispersion
Hexagram for Duration
Hexagram for Enthusiasm
Hexagram for Fellowship
Hexagram for Following
Hexagram for Gathering Together
Hexagram for Grace
Hexagram for Great Possession
Hexagram for Great Power
Hexagram for Great Preponderance
Hexagram for Great Taming
Hexagram for Holding Together
Hexagram for Increase
Hexagram for Influence
Hexagram for Inner Truth
Hexagram for Innocence
Hexagram for Limitation
Hexagram for Modesty
Hexagram for Mouth Corners
Hexagram for Obstruction
Hexagram for Opposition
Hexagram for Oppression
Hexagram for Peace
Hexagram for Progress
Hexagram for Pushing Upward
Hexagram for Retreat
Hexagram for Return
Hexagram for Revolution
Hexagram for Small Preponderance
Hexagram for Small Taming
Hexagram for Splitting Apart
Hexagram for Standstill
Hexagram for the Abysmal Water
Hexagram for the Army
Hexagram for the Arousing Thunder
Hexagram for the Cauldron
Hexagram for the Clinging Fire
Hexagram for the Creative Heaven
Hexagram for the Family
Hexagram for the Gentle Wind
Hexagram for the Joyous Lake
Hexagram for the Keeping Still Mountain
Hexagram for the Marrying Maiden
Hexagram for the Receptive Earth
Hexagram for the Wanderer
Hexagram for the Well
Hexagram for Treading
Hexagram for Waiting
Hexagram for Work on the Decayed
Hexagram for Youthful Folly
Ocr Branch Bank Identification
Ocr Amount of Check
Ocr Dash
Ocr Customer Account Number
Ocr Double Backslash
Ocr Belt Buckle
Ocr Hook
Presentation Form for Vertical Wavy Low Line
Curly Loop
Double Curly Loop
Wavy Low Line
Wavy Overline
Double Wavy Overline
Vertical Kana Repeat Mark Lower Half
Box Drawings Light Diagonal Upper Left To Lower Right
Vertical Kana Repeat Mark Upper Half
Box Drawings Light Diagonal Upper Right To Lower Left
Box Drawings Light Diagonal Cross
Multiplication X
Presentation Form for Vertical Right Parenthesis
Presentation Form for Vertical Left Parenthesis
Ideographic Closing Mark
Japanese Industrial Standard Symbol

Directional Dynamics

Lines Symbols offer a diverse range of linear designs, allowing users to convey a sense of direction, movement, and flow within their content, adding a dynamic and purposeful element to visual communication.

Connective Elements

Whether straight or curved, lines serve as connective elements, helping users create visual relationships, separate content, and guide the viewer's eye through a composition, enhancing overall visual clarity.

Graphic Simplicity

The collection provides options for graphic simplicity, allowing users to incorporate clean and minimalistic line designs into their content, contributing to a modern and sleek visual aesthetic.

Visual Precision

Lines contribute to precision and alignment within a design, enabling users to create geometrically accurate layouts, enhancing the overall clarity and orderliness of visual communication.

Artistic Expression

Lines serve as a versatile tool for artistic expression, allowing users to experiment with different line styles, patterns, and arrangements, fostering creativity and adding a unique visual flair to their content.